Jordan Wirfs-Brock


TEDxMileHigh, September 2016

In the 21st century, our relationship to energy is like magic - we flip a switch and the light turns on. But we are up against big energy challenges, like climate change. How can we begin to tackle them if we are so out-of-touch?

Spark!, April 2015

Our energy future is dictated by our energy past in unexpected ways. Using animations, music, audio interviews, data, drawings and video, Dan Boyce and I give a live performance that shows how - thanks to solar panels - the late 19th century battle between AC and DC power is happening all over again today.

Designing and Leading Interactive Workshops

SRCCON 2017 - “Let’s create a roadmap for user testing and feedback in newsrooms” (with Sonja Marziano)
SRCCON 2016 - “Can we pair program the news?” (with Kate Schimel)
SRCCON 2015 - “Data audioization workshop” (with Lo Benichou)