Jordan Wirfs-Brock


This page includes some of the work I did as Inside Energy's data journalist and as a freelancer. You can find more of my work on Inside Energy's (archival) website.

Creatively turning data into insight

Listen to U.S. coal production fall off a cliff - An experiment turning data into music. What does the collapse of the U.S. coal industry sound like?

Beyond Standing Rock Data Companion - A series of maps designed to add context to the documentary Beyond Standing Rock, which explores issues of tribal sovereignty and energy development.

Mapping Colorado's invisible pipeline network - After a deadly home explosion in Firestone, Colorado, state officials called for the release of underground flowline data, mapped here. Despite public pressure, the state isn't planning to make its own publically available map.

Visualizing the flow of money behind oil and gas ballot measures - The race to gather enough signatures to get oil and gas ballot measures on Colorado's ballot cost $15.5 million dollars. Who spent that money and how?

Where people meet oil and gas: A Colorado story in 3 maps - Coloradans aren’t just living among new wells, they are also living among – and sometimes on top of – wells drilled and abandoned decades ago.

Delightful learning with animated videos

"Why fracking and why now?, "Drilling: A high stakes game", "What does the Clean Power Plan mean for you?", "Energy explained" - For these videos, I teamed up with animator MacGregor Campbell to explain some of the most confusing concepts about energy.

Lost in transmission - How much electricity disappears between a power plant and your plug? Find out, with models built from tiny electronics.

A watched pot - What's the most energy efficient way to boil water for your morning cup of tea? Here's the answer...with tea bag art.

Why don't we have wireless electricity? - Paper cut-outs of Nikola Tesla's Wardencliff Tower help us answer this one.

Audio storytelling and podcasting

Hacking the grid - A story about rural Colorado and the realities of cybersecurity and the electric grid.

The electricity mix in the Western grid is changing before our eyes - A short radio news spot and three data visualizations on how natural gas is caught in the middle between coal and renewsables.

High on failure - A longform, personal narrative podcast I produced for Out There. I attempted a 550-mile mountain trail race in Vermont called Infinitus. I failed. This is the story.