Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Researcher. Journalist. Storyteller.

Designing, doodling, tinkering with ideas.

At heart, I’m an explorer – with my mind and my feet. And exploring is most fulfilling when I share it with others. This website has a sprinkling of some of the things I've made.

Hello! I’m a PhD student in Information Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder. My research focuses on how how unexpected mechanisms - sound, art, taste, participatory experiences - can help people understand quantitative data.

Previously, I was a data journalist with Inside Energy, a public media collaboration, where I told complex stories in approachable ways using graphics, podcasting, live performances and more. I also worked with the Piton Foundation, where I helped people use neighborhood-level data to improve their communities.

I'm a co-creator and editor of the podcast Qualia, an immersive thought experiment in sound.

I’m also part of the Society of Professional Journalists trainer network, where I teach newsrooms how to use Google tools.

Oh, and I also run a lot ;)

Connect with me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium | GitHub

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