Jordan Wirfs-Brock


Creatively turning data into insight

Listen to U.S. coal production fall off a cliff - An experiment turning data into music. What does the collapse of the U.S. coal industry sound like?

Visualizing the flow of money behind oil and gas ballot measures - The race to gather enough signatures to get oil and gas ballot measures on Colorado's ballot cost $15.5 million dollars. Who spent that money and how?

Where people meet oil and gas: A Colorado story in 3 maps - Coloradans aren’t just living among new wells, they are also living among – and sometimes on top of – wells drilled and abandoned decades ago.

Delightful learning with animated videos

Lost in transmission - How much electricity disappears between a power plant and your plug? Find out, with models built from tiny electronics.

A watched pot - What's the most energy efficient way to boil water for your morning cup of tea? Here's the answer...with tea bag art.

Why don't we have wireless electricity? - Paper cut-outs of Nikola Tesla's Wardencliff Tower help us answer this one.

Audio storytelling and podcasting

Hacking the grid - A story about rural Colorado and the realities of cybersecurity and the electric grid.

The electricity mix in the Western grid is changing before our eyes - A short radio news spot and three data visualizations on how natural gas is caught in the middle between coal and renewsables.

High on failure - A longform, personal narrative podcast I produced for Out There. I attempted a 550-mile mountain trail race in Vermont called Infinitus. I failed. This is the story.

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